The Blue Dress featured on The Ash Gray Proclamation

“Brewster’s rising psych pop strummers, The Blue Dress, who we first wrote about back in July, are hard at work readying the tracks that will be featured on an upcoming cassette release to be issued on Chicago’s Already Dead Tapes at the end of October. Not to worry, you won’t have to recover your old boombox from the attic, unless you want to, in which case have at it. Where was I? Oh yes, the cassette will also come with a download code. This morning, drummer Tim Sylvia sent over a re-recorded demo of Deth Ray or what he’s dubbing a rough mix. The song originally appeared on the bands Demo EP as My Deth Ray which you can grab at The Blue Dress Bandcamp page. This new re-recorded version of Deth Ray stopped us dead in our tracks. Strings and horns have been added to the track but the band manages to retain the austere charm of the original.

The Blue Dress will play Gay Gardens in Allston on Sunday (10/2) with Dark Rodeo,Molasses, The Inframen, and Empty Phrases.”
Check out the article and demo here.

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