Foohgawz’s ‘Chapter 7’ reviewed by DIT Kalamazoo

“The 5th cassette release from Chicago-based Already Dead Tapes is Foohgawz “Chapter 7,” an experimental electronic recording that ventures all over the map in one continuous feed of audio.
Starting out the gate with an eerie wind tunnel of a drone, slowly creep in the electronic beats and rhythms that are present on and off throughout the duration of the program. Cycling pulses and symphonic wails make frequent appearances, with what seems to be real guitar making the occasional pop-in. While essentially one piece of music, as there are no breaks, the mood is ever-shifting and does not get caught up in redundant electronic dub club ennui.
About a third of the way into the tape, out of nothing, a female voice enters the mix and suddenly we are cast into a Portishead-like trip hop piece for a few minutes, and just as quickly, right back into an electronic drone, never to revist anything remotely this song-
oriented again in the remainder of the tape, almost as if this were a cass-single for this pop song with bonus material wrapped on both sides, though not “filler” by any means.
I’m not certain if “Chapter 7″ is a story, but it seems to end violently, with funeral bells, turbulent electronics, and what sounds like a car crash. This is how side A concludes, and there is nothing to be found on side B. This is a very singular and unique release, shrowded in mystery; the cassette itself is plain white, and aside from the artist name and title, the only other information found in the packaging is the address for Already Dead Tapes, rendering the average person clueless as to who, where or what is behind all of this. A little bit of modern-day stalking (i.e. the internet) reveals that a man named Alex Meissner, a former Kalamazoo resident now in Orlando, Florida, is the sole force behind this project. He has been playing around with this style since 1998. Other recordings of his are available on his Soundcloud and this release can be ordered at Already Dead Tapes website.”

– Peter Cook, DIT Kalamazoo

View the article over at DIT Kalamazoo


One response

  1. Dr. Satan

    I highly recommend a clear head before listening to this strange trip.

    June 21, 2011 at 2:26 pm

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